Damon Braces


Damon Braces is one of the latest fixed brace systems to reach the UK. It combines tieless braces with high technology archwires that are clinically proven to move teeth fast and comfortably. By combining the best of traditional clear braces and invisible aligners you will receive a discrete treatment experience with fantastic results.

This treatment which is suitable for patients of all ages with improve the total appearance of your face not just your smile by giving you a fuller and wider smile, better facial balance and an improved profile for a more youthful look at any age and due to the fact Damon braces are resistant to staining and discolouration no one will even need to know that you are wearing them. At Bucklersbury Dental Dental Studio we are seeing an increasing number of patients choosing Damon Braces over more traditional orthodontic treatments.

Damon braces use tieless braces that do not need to be tightened in order for the teeth to move and are gentle to the teeth and gums, meaning that you should experience little if any discomfort during treatment. By using a slide mechanism to maintain archwires within the bracket on the teeth the wires are free to move easily, reducing friction and allowing the teeth to move more quickly. In many cases treatment will be completed with 18 months, 4-6 months quicker than with traditional brace systems and without the need for teeth to be extracted.

If you would like to find out more about Damon braces contact the surgery today to book an appointment.

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