Lingual Braces


Lingual braces are a new development in the field of orthodontics. They are a solution for those patients who wish to straighten their teeth without having to worry about the appearance of their smile during treatment.

At Bucklersbury Dental Studio, Dr Shakir Mughal is highly trained and has a great deal of expertise in fitting lingual braces. The brackets are all laced individually onto the back of the teeth and because of this the procedure is more complex than other traditional methods. However, Dr Mughal has advanced training in this area and has helped to create hundreds of beautiful, straight smiles.

With lingual braces the appliance is fitted to the back of the teeth in a similar way to a standard fixed appliance is fitted to the front of the teeth.

The main benefits of the treatment is that the braces are completely invisible from view when you smile, using the latest possible technology the appliance is much smaller and finer than more traditional options. By placing the braces on the back of the teeth there is no danger of the visible tooth enamel being damaged.

The braces are individually designed to ensure the most effective results possible in the shortest possible time with some treatment taking only 6-8 months, if your case is more complex it may take longer.

The appliance can be fitted to the upper and lower teeth and it is suitable for a wide range of orthodontic problems, including:

  • Crooked teeth

  • Crowded teeth

  • Gaps between the teeth

  • Misaligned teeth

  • Twisted teeth

Once fitted we will arrange regular review appointment to ensure that you are happy with the way the treatment is progressing and to make any adjustments necessary.

If you would like more information or to discuss how lingual braces could improve your teeth phone the surgery to book a consultation appointment today.

For examples of the results possible using lingual braces please see our gallery.

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