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Can too much exercise cause tooth decay?

From eating healthily to going to the gym, we make changes to our lifestyle to make us feel good. However, studies have revealed how frequent exercise can have a negative impact on your dental health, which may be surprising to many.

Of course, Bucklersbury Dental Studio know there are many benefits to exercising to keep you and your body active and healthy. Being fit reduces the risk of diseases and illnesses, but it’s important to be aware of the potential threats that too many sessions at the gym can cause, such as tooth decay and inflamed gums.

There are multiple reasons behind this, including breathing techniques when exercising. Heavy breathing and breathing through the mouth reduces your amount of saliva, meaning that your mouth becomes drier at a quicker rate. This condition causes exposed bacteria to store itself, leading to decay.

Athletes tend to have a high carb diet, eating plenty of pasta and potatoes, which can commonly get stuck in your teeth and not break down correctly. As well as food, sports drinks can damage your teeth due to the amount of sugar and acids in them, especially when consistently drank as they begin to soften the tooth enamel, increasing the risk of tooth decay and erosion.

Making sure you have a balanced and healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, and keeping fit will help to reduce your chances of tooth decay, keeping your teeth strong and shiny. If your lifestyle makes you have a higher chance of damaging your teeth, it’s important to get regularly examined to identify any problems - the earlier, the better.

Bucklersbury Dental Studio offers a range of treatments such as hygienist treatments and preventative dentistry, as well as check-ups to make sure your lifestyle doesn't impact your teeth. You can find more information and book online for a check-up at:

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