• Gemma Burnikell

‘Tis the season…for Mince Pies!

The Festivities are nearly here! For many of us it’s a sparkling and special time of year, where party season will commence in the lead up to Christmas Day and New Year celebrations!

With Christmas just around the corner, everyone is getting ready for the upcoming festivities to get underway, and it’s this time of year that lots of selection boxes, chocolate advent calendars, candy canes, mince pies and champagne will undoubtedly make their way into our festive diets.

For most of us, we have social events to attend too and it’s likely we will be in joyous and merry moods as we look forward to Christmas… and rightly so! However, not for our teeth…

As delicious as all that sounds, constant snacking and consumption of sugary drinks and food can wreak havoc on our teeth.

Bucklersbury Dental Studio have found that people who drink alcohol have higher plaque levels on their teeth and are three times as likely to experience tooth loss. Also, some alcohol mixed with soda, red wine and beer can darken our teeth and stain them.

Mince pies, and other festive sweet desserts such as Christmas cake and pudding are high in sugar with dried fruit. These kinds of food stick to teeth and can cause the most damage.

Late nights and partying can also make you skip your usual oral hygiene routine and as a result you’ll miss brushing teeth before bedtime, which means sugar will have longer on your teeth.

Whilst Bucklersbury Dental Studio want you to have fun, we would also like to remind you that moderation is key this festive season. Otherwise you could find that your next check-up at the dentist maybe an expensive one!

For all queries about your diet and oral health, please ask your dentist at your next appointment.

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