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Why you should avoid Wine, Vodka and Beer this Christmas…

It’s officially December and this means we are in for a month of socialising… and for most of us, that includes drinking! Because Bucklersbury Dental Studio do not want your next dentist bill to be a huge one, here are our tips on what drinks to avoid this Christmas if you want to keep your pearly whites in excellent condition…

When it comes to wine, the darker and more pigmented it is, the more likely it is to leave you with a Magenta hued smile. The natural cracks in your tooth enamel allow the pigmentation to settle on teeth and soak your smile after just a few sips…

So, if you’re thinking to make yourself a warm Mulled Wine for your cosy night in, we would recommend milky Hot Chocolate more so, especially as milk will strengthen your teeth and protect them against decay (Just avoid the marshmallows!)

You are probably thinking to swap the red wine for white wine, but unfortunately this just means that there is more acidity which can soften your enamel, making your teeth more likely to pick up stains from other foods.

For the cocktail lovers with a sweet tooth, avoid vodka based cocktails because vodka dries your mouth out, reduces saliva and is a cause of bad breath. If this spirit is your go-to drink, then try and chew sugar-free gum to increase saliva.

When it comes to beer, choose lighter drinks over the dark ones. The lighter it is, the less acid because it has a higher water content.

Bucklersbury Dental Studio know that Christmas is a time for fun and festivities and a time to indulge in your favourite drinks, but as your dentist, we want you to choose better options which will do the least damage to your teeth. Remember to keep your oral hygiene in check this Christmas and brush your teeth at night to bring your mouth acidity back to neutral.

If you are looking for teeth whitening, please ask us for more information. We use power whitening systems which takes less than 60 minutes to give you a glowing smile this Christmas!

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